Book A Private Lesson with one of the 2009 Teaching Staff!

We are excited to be offering private lessons during the event this year.  We feel that this is a terrific opportunity for those who need a little bit more in-depth study.  Here is a few more details:
  • We will be using convention room space, which means that there will be multiple private lessons occurring concurrently in the large and spacious rooms. 
  • These 45 minute lessons are available from 4:15-5:00pm daily during the event. 
  • There is ample room on Thursday and Friday, but limited room on Saturday and Sunday, so be sure to book early if you require a weekend lesson. 
  • The price for the lesson is set by the respective instructors, so please contact them to inquire about their rates. 
  • The instructor is responsible for booking the space. 
The following instructors are available for private lessons (listed in no particular order).  Plese contact them directly regarding cost and availability:

  1. Aubre Hill
  2. Marjhani
  3. Suzanna Del Vecchio
  4. Frederique
  5. Leyla Amir
  6. Shira
  7. Mia Naja
  8. Sooz
  9. Amaya
  10. Naimah
  11. Aziza of Las Vegas
  12. Sabeya 
  13. Salome 
  14. Shamar (Sandi Curtis)
  15. Deb Rubin


--Amaya; Albuquerque, New Mexico "Learned from my days in the circus: Ever had your hair stick to your lip gloss or have your wet lipstick smear on your teeth or your veil??? Instead of using a lip gloss to create the wet look, simply place a small area of fine silver body glitter in the middle of your lower lip (over your matte lipstick ...


--Naimah; Las Vegas, NV "Keep a dance journal. You never know when inspiration might strike, so keep a notepad with you to write down choreography ideas. Let the natural world spark your imagination. Sometimes the simplest things like the curve of a flower petal, or the sound of rain against the window can be the beginnings of ...