2015 So, You Think You Can Belly Dance? Contest!

Kata Maya 2014 Ultimate Belly Dance Artist, So, You Think You Can Belly Dance? Contest WinnerSo you think you have what it takes? Are you the most well-rounded & diverse belly dance entertainer? Can you do it all? Oriental? Folkloric? Fusion? Props? Improv? Are you ready to win the title?

Ultimate Belly Dance Artist, 2015

It's a unique competitive experience for the discriminating dancer. This contest is not for the faint of heart! You will be expected to excel in a wide range of styles, dress to impress no matter what style of belly dance is thrown at you, learn new choreography and perform it live on a professional stage, possibly perform with props or improv to live music, and do it all while expressing your charm, charisma, and talent. Are you up to the task?

Auditions for this contest will take place in Las Vegas at the Flamingo Hotel & Casino on Thursday September 10, 2015. There is a $50 audition fee that goes to cover the expense of the audition (paying the choreographers & the ballroom).

Twelve lucky finalists will be chosen to compete in the contest (which starts bright and early on Friday morning). These 12 competitors will secure their spot in the competition by paying the $50 entry fee before attending the choreography session at 7am (yes, we said 7am).

The 12 competitors will perform the new choreography on stage in the Friday night show "A Night in the City of Riches." There will be a panel of celebrity judges and an audience vote that will determine the 6 contestants who will proceed to the Saturday portion of the contest.

Kata Maya, Draconis von Trapp, and the other winners of the 2015 So, You Think You Can Belly Dance? Contest at the Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive & FestivalThe 6 contestants chosen to move forward in the contest will be up bright and early on Saturday to learn a new and different choreography (in a completely different style) to perform during the Saturday night in the "Viva RAKS Vegas" show. Again, there will be a panel of celebrity judges and an audience vote that will determine the final winner, The winner will earn the title "Ultimate Belly Dance Artist, 2014" and will receive $500 cash as a prize, a solo dance spot in the Sunday Night Cocktail Party, and other sponsored prizes.


This contest is open to anyone daring enough to enter, including professionals. Please read the following and then send us your audition fee by clicking on the button below:

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2015 Contest Sponsors

We are so very grateful for the financial and in-kind donations we receive in order to make this contest possible.  Please visit our sponsor's websites.  And if you are inclined, show them your gratitude by making a purchase.  There is so much more we can do together than we can do alone.  

The following folks have offered to let one of our top 3 winners receive a full package to their event. 

--Raksanna; Chicago, IL Before you perform, take a moment or two to quiet your mind and find that inner stillness within you. Create a routine, a special something you do for yourself to connect you with your inspiration. It can be a positive affirmation, a meditation or a prayer. The point is to connect your mind, body and spirit ...


--Emma Chapman; Salt Lake City, UT Don't be afraid to slow down and do less. Simple is beautiful.